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Below is a guideline to prices - you will be provided with a personalised quote once your requirements have been finalised. 



Cardstock                   Digital printing only        Digital foil only         Hot foil only

350gsm                       from    £3.25              £5.25                  £6.95

540gsm                       from    £3.75              £5.75                  £7.25

700gsm                       from    £4.25              £6.25                  £7.75

Invitations are supplied with a blank, gummed, diamond-flap envelope. Envelope colours supplied with the above prices: White, light grey, dark grey, burgundy, navy, black, olive green.

Handmade envelopes
Blush, light blush and GF Smith envelopes are handmade, self-seal and available with a diamond or straight flap.
Price : from 90p each


Printed envelopes
All printed envelopes are handmade, self-seal and available with a diamond or straight flap.

Envelopes are digitally printed in any colour. White ink is available for dark envelope colours.

Invitation envelopes :   from £1.40 each
Rsvp envelopes :        from £1 each


Personalised invitations
Invitations can be printed with each guests name/s printed. You will be provided with proofs of all personalised invitations before sending to print.
45p per invitation.

Guest information cards
This can be as a separate card, or printed on reverse of invitation.

Separate card                        Single-sided                Double sided


5x7                         from    £1.80                          £2
A6                                 from    £1.60                              £1.85

Printed on reverse of invitation : from £1

Prices are for single-sided, colour digital printing and supplied with a blank envelope (colours above)

Size A6                     from    £1.80
Size A7                     from    £1.30


On-the-day stationery  

                                        Single-sided                Double sided


DL (99mm x 210mm)           from    £2                               £2.30
A6                                 from    £1.50                           £1.80

Personalised Menus
Each guest name printed at the top, acting as a menu and place card 2-in-1
Same prices as above, with an additional 45p per menu 

Place Cards
from £1.30 each 


Bookmarks – traditional format hand-finished with eyelet and tassel. Personalised with guest name, acting as a 2-in-1 place card & gift.

                                      Single-sided                Double sided

52mm x 148mm         from    £2.95                           £3.25


Magnetic bookmarks - can be attached to menu, acting as a 2-in-1 place card & gift

Size (folded)
38mm x 85mm           from    £2.45

Table Numbers           from    £3.25
Welcome sign               from    £100
Table plan                  from    £125
Order of the day sign      from    £85

Bespoke items can also be designed, and will be quoted on an individual basis based on your requirements.