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Bridal Hairstyles


Todays blog post is all about Bridal Hairstyles... and there are so many to choose from!

Ultimately, the style you choose should reflect your style and make you feel beautiful. The time of year and your style of dress will also influence the style you go for. Today we are looking at four different styles of bridal hairstyles...

1: Up-do with decorative elements

Flowers or hair jewellery will certainly add a 'wow' factor to your bridal hairstyle. Use real flowers for a a romantic and more rustic touch, or a decorative hairpiece that will reflect your style and theme.

Bridal Hairstyles decorative

 2: Loose and flowing

If you have long hair, having it loose and styled will look glamorous and feminine. You could also have the best of both worlds and style it loose for the day and then up for the evening. 

Bridal Hairstyles

3: Bun

A simple bun will look chic, and especially suit if your dress has back details... These various takes on the classic 'bun' add a different element to this bridal hairstyle, and we love them all!

Bridal Hairstyles 

4: Half-up

This bridal hairstyle is perfect if you are wanting to have your hair partly styled up and also like the idea of having it loose. It may also be a better option than a loose hairstyle in the summer months when it may be hot!

Bridal Hairstyle 

More inspiration can also be found on our Bridal Hairstyles Pinterest board - enjoy!

Dimi x