Wedding Bouquet Ideas June 6, 2016 11:10

Have you thought about your wedding bouquet yet? Todays blog post is all about wedding bouquet ideas, for different themes... let's begin!


Wedding Bouquet IdeasPerfect for fun and informal weddings, mix and match your colours and flowers for a beautiful bouquet. A contrasting ribbon will also add a lovely touch.

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Wedding Bouquet IdeasShades of one colour, such as pinks will add variety to your wedding bouquet, and look super pretty!

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Wedding Bouquet IdeasIf your wedding theme is a subtle one, for example, subtle pinks or creams, then this can still be reflected into your wedding bouquet in an elegant way. This can be achieved either with a few subtle shades together, with a variety of flowers, or with one flower mixed with foliage (such as the middle picture). 

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Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you have one colour (we have used purple as an example) as your wedding colour theme, this can be easily incorporated into your wedding bouquet. Mix and match with neutral colours or similar colours for variety whilst still keeping to your main colour.

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If you would like to see more wedding bouquet ideas, head over to our Wedding Bouquet Ideas Pinterest board!

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